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=39) and reflections on focus group interviews indicate that the youth are well aware of the plurality of the imagined audience on Facebook.

From the total of six prevalent user types and sub–types that emerged, just one user type could be considered representative of an ideal audience on Facebook in the eyes of youth.

For example, compared to 10–20 people with whom individuals maintain close relationships through traditional social networks (Parks, 2007), the mean number of friends among university student users of Facebook has been reported to be around 246 (Walther, , 2008) or even 272 (Vanden Boogart, 2006).

Considering that “over one–third of 13–16–year–olds and nearly one–sixth of 9–12–year–old SNS users have 100 contacts” and around a quarter of these youth have contacts in SNS with whom they have no connection to in their off–line lives [13], SNS have really become vital virtual socializing arenas for the young.

SNS user practices of young people Having a profile on a SNS has become “integral means of managing one’s identity, lifestyle and social relations” [10] among young individuals.In comparison to classical unmediated publics and public places (parks, streets, cafes), social media can be distinguished by four main aspects: persistence of information, searchability, replicability and invisible audiences (boyd, 2007).Although the audience is always imagined in every communicative act [5], people engaged in social media environments lack information about their audience and thus “it is often difficult to determine how to behave, let alone to make adjustments based on assessing reactions” [6].Hence, in many respects, young people perceive Facebook to be a ‘walled garden’, occupied only by a certain group of individuals.Considering the fact that the majority of studies about Facebook so far have also used student or teen samples (for example, Debatin, , 2008) and thus (un)consciously helped to confirm the latter perception, we set out to investigate what kind of individuals the young perceive to be users of Facebook.