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L1CAM mutations can occur in a person through a spontaneous, new () mutation or by inheriting the mutation from his or her mother.

There are no reported cases of inheritance through the father.

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Disruptions caused by mutations in the L1CAM gene impair these critical function and alter brain development.Collectively the conditions are called L1 syndrome, whose symptoms can vary greatly in severity, and include: MASA (phasia) syndrome, certain forms of X-linked spastic paraplegia (SPG1), and X-linked agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC).The vast majority (99%) of symptomatic individuals are male.Perhaps this group would be interested in researching why so many girls were born with this birth defect since 1969.I had several miscarriages before Angie’s birth – I have always believed it was Nature’s way of handling an abnormal fetus.