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With 5xlab and the development of Cyber Miles, we can realize our potential and go from “1” to “100” in our ability to disrupt real-world business practices with innovation.With 5miles, we have a clear and readily available ecosystem for us to apply our smart-contract modules to real marketplace needs.CM will focus on various real-world marketplace & commercial applications (utilizing smart contracts), including local buy & sell marketplaces, e-commerce, and online auctions.Compared to real-world platforms like e Bay and Uber, our modular solutions based on smart-contracts will leverage the decentralized nature of blockchain technology to strike the optimal balance between efficiency and compatibility, making Cyber Miles the preferred infrastructure for commercial applications of blockchain technology.In contrast, CM is being developed to build smart-contract modules to maximize the computing efficiency required for completing transactions on a timely basis.Over time, CM can be used for many different types of commercial applications, including: turnkey solutions for building c2c trading platforms, community-based dispute resolution, structuring alternative payment & financing solutions for e-commerce, enabling local businesses to run targeted, real-time promotions, or building a decentralized, community-based ride-sharing platform.Meanwhile, the market footprint allows for scalable, real-world A/B testing, giving Cyber Miles a huge developmental advantage.Cyber Miles is a new blockchain protocol being developed for the sole purpose of revolutionizing how commerce & marketplaces work.

Over the last 3 years of leading innovation in online & local marketplaces, 5miles has accumulated the necessary technical and commercial know-how to tailor blockchain technology & smart-contracts for real-world applications.

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CM will focus on commercial applications, with protocols to ensure the appropriate balance between vertical effectiveness and network compatibility, limiting the ability for low-quality DApp to emerge on our chain.

Almost all of the transactions and interactions on 5miles is point-to-point (between buyers and sellers), and a large portion of our users are both active buyers and sellers.