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The head quarter of this force is in Ankara, they have bought new combat jets which are named as Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II and heavy lifting powerful helicopters, therefore Turkish air force has about 668 jets with 60,000 men in this force, they have participated in wars including war of Independence, Korean war and many others.

French Air Force is one of historical forces which is the part of French Armed Force Department, so according to history this was formed in 1909 but that time it was merged in military but in 1934 it was made separate department, so it is now named as Armee de’l’air.

Work on Block 5 kits for the contract will occur in Poway, Calif, and is expected to be completed by February 2021.

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So for this purpose every country has developed their Air Force for defense alongside of military forces at ground, so it is important for every country in the world to have their skillful air force with talented pilots which are considered as backbone of the air defense because new technology is able to target country from any place, not only for the defense of the country but also use for the rehabilitation of people in cases of terrorism, floods and earthquake etc.

Main purposes of this forces excluding air defense are Intelligence, air mobility, precision strikes, humanitarian support and also air superiority, as talk about the crafts then this RAAF force has about 259 aircrafts in which 110 crafts are used as combat so headquarter is in Canberra.

One of the largest country of the world with respect to population in the world, India, this country has spent lot of money in the defense because this is considered as one of those countries which bought lot of weapons and other defensive material every year therefore air force is also considered as one of the best forces in the world.

So take a Eye view at list of top 10 countries with Best Air Force in the World.

Japan is famous country of the world in world because this country is rich in one of the best technologies therefore Japan has best Air Defense in the whole universe which is known as Japan Air Self Defense Force, their main purpose is to defend country Aerospace and airspace operations with lot of care.