Android gmail not updating

The company says the update will be rolling out on Google Play over the next few days.

It is checking for mail and giving me new Gmail notifications but the widget doesn't update.

The app's new “All Inboxes” option collects all your messages in one place, and you can still see each inbox separately by tapping the bubble icons or using a drop-down menu in the sidebar.

To add accounts, you hop into the updated app’s Settings options, select “Add account,” and choose from a simple menu that lets you pick between a Google Apps/Gmail account and an IMAP/POP webmail account.

From there, just plug in your Yahoo, AOL,, Hotmail, or account—whatever olden-times webmail services people used before Gmail. After all, stock email apps on everything from the i Phone to the Black Berry let you filter in all your email accounts in one place—with integrated support for Exchange-based work email, to boot.

But the new Gmail app’s secret sauce is that it brings elements of the Gmail interface to these external accounts.

For example, conversation view can be applied to those external emails, just as if they were native Gmail messages.

The installed updates become active the next time that you restart your phone. These devices automatically restart while they install downloaded Android updates.

I have removed and readded it but it doesn't fix it.

The funny thing is my email widget (tied to exchange mail) works just fine.

It seems that the woes of everyone suffering from this issue are about to be over.

The corresponding AOSP issue tracker item has been marked as "Future Release," and Googler Orrin stated on the Nexus Help Forums: Hey Everyone, Thanks again for your patience on this while the team investigated the issue.