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Much has been made of the tangled threads of her writing, her life and her depression, much in the same way as with Sylvia Plath's suicide in 1963.Robert Lowell, Adrienne Rich and Denise Levertov commented in separate obituaries on the role of creativity in Sexton's death.She collaborated with musicians, forming a jazz-rock group called "Her Kind" that added music to her poetry.Her play Mercy Street, starring Marian Seldes, was produced in 1969, after several years of revisions.Sexton suffered from severe mental illness for much of her life, her first manic episode taking place in 1954. Martin Orne, who became her long-term therapist at the Glenside Hospital. Sexton felt great trepidation about registering for the class, asking a friend to make the phone call and accompany her to the first session.She found early acclaim with her poetry; a number were accepted by The New Yorker, Harper's Magazine and the Saturday Review.

In the late 1960s, the manic elements of Sexton's illness began to affect her career, though she still wrote and published work and gave readings of her poetry.Levertov says, "We who are alive must make clear, as she could not, the distinction between creativity and self-destruction." During sessions with Anne Sexton he used hypnosis and sodium pentothal to recover supposedly repressed memories.During this process, he allegedly used suggestion to uncover memories of having been abused by her father. Orne wrote that hypnosis in an adult frequently does not present accurate memories of childhood; instead, "adults under hypnosis are not literally reliving their early childhoods but presenting them through the prisms of adulthood." According to Dr.She is buried at Forest Hills Cemetery & Crematory in Jamaica Plain, Boston, Massachusetts.Sexton is seen as the modern model of the confessional poet.