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These were bought with the low dues that we paid monthly to be members of the club.

Instead he kissed, licked my buttcheeks, spread my crack open with his hands and licked my cleft. He pressed hard against me, burying his cock deep in me. I was tingling with each thrust, leaking pre-cum in a steady stream into his fist stroking my cock. He felt my ass clenching on his big cock and fucked me faster until he shot his load of hot, creamy cum, filling my bowels with his jism.

He rolled on top of me in a 69, took my cock in his mouth, and humped his hips moving his cock back and forth in my mouth while sucking me.

After several minutes I could not hold back anymore.

"Mostly women," I stammered on, "er, uh, the women I have sex with, men friends." "You have sex with women and men friends? Watching him continue stroking his enraged red cockhead sliming it and his shaft with yet more pre-cum so openly right in front of me, I tried again to be evasive but responsive to his continuing inquiries. Clasping my lips on his shaft, gripping the base with one hand and cupping his big balls in the other, I pulled back sucking more of the pre-cum from his peehole, feeling it coat my tongue, the inside of my mouth, tasting it, letting it slide down my throat.

" he asked, I thought misunderstanding my response. "Oh yeah, Ted, you have done this before I can tell," he said. I love it." I followed my boss's orders, sucked him, moved my head back and forth sliding his cock into my face.