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Frank Silva was a set decorator who worked on the pilot episode.One day, when he was moving furniture in Laura Palmer's bedroom, a woman warned Silva not to get locked in the room.Indeed, the image of Lee wrapped in plastic became one of the show's most enduring and memorable images.When Lynch shot the home movie that James takes of Donna and Laura, he realized that Lee had something special.Silva accepted, and Lynch shot footage of him behind Laura's bed with no real idea of what he would do with it.

Silva said yes, and Lynch told him that he had a role in mind for him on the series.

Sarah sees a hand uncovering Laura's heart necklace from the ground, and Silva can be seen in the mirror behind her head.

Lynch was made aware of this accident and decided to keep Silva in the scene.

After Cooper's doppelgänger is arrested in South Dakota in 2014, Albert investigates his apparent reappearance, alongside Gordon Cole and Tamara Preston.

He later discloses to Cole that he was apparently contacted by Jeffries, which resulted in the death of an agent stationed in Colombia.