Are chris brown n rihanna dating

She has sought a restraining order against the singer and alleged physical and mental harassment (he hasn't been arrested for any of it).It's all a long, complicated, shocking and sordid story, the life of Chris Brown, but we're left with one conclusion: He really sucks as a human being.With the car pulled over at this point, a neighbor overheard and called the police.Incredibly, to this day, Rihanna still has contact with Brown.Watch the trailer for his documentary above and hit the comments below to discuss your take on this situation.After seven years of catastrophe in the making, we have compiled a timeline of Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship.According to , a source close to Rihanna reports that “They’ve totally been talking again.” The source goes on to say that “It started out on social media, and then progressed to texting. Meanwhile, Brown is facing a restraining order from another old girlfriend, Karreuche Tran, who claimed the singer threatened physically abused her and threatened to kill her on multiple occasions.

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Brown and Tran, of course, would go on to have their own contentious relationship, one that sort of continues to this day.

Heck, there's been talk that the stars are dating again.

For his SIXTH admission, Brown says in his documentary that things had been physical between he and Rihanna before this major blowout.

The couple went their separate ways after Brown pleaded guilty in June 2009 to assaulting the Barbadian singer on the eve of the 51st Grammy Awards.

They then reconciled for a bit, only to break up again.