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I'm only doing this for the sake of the company ! Maybe if we tell the truth it won't be so bad. *Vickie plays the voice mails] AJ Lee- You are a liar ! You hacked into John's phone and remade those fake messages !

I am the face of WWE do you know how bad WWE sells and views will go down if people find this out ? John Cena- AJ I've been in this company for 10 years I know how this works !

Cena's ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau probably has other thoughts, however.

Cena unexpectedly filed for divorce from Elizabeth Huberdeau, his wife of three years.

This caused a lot of poor treatment of AJ by Bryan.

Both AJ and Daniel Bryan’s careers really took off during this relationship.

I need you to look over some footage of me and John. Vicke begins to show her evidence but then John Cena unexpectedly comes out* *John Cena comes out and exchange words with Vickie and then kisses AJ. It looks like she is helping John Cena but then she knock the ladder over while he is climbing the top which allows Dolph Ziggler to get the briefcase.

*AJ Lee and Vickie Guerrero argue back and forth as planned. [ One week later at TLC ] *At TLC during Dolph Ziggler and John Cena's match AJ comes out.

AJ Lee- Well it needs to look like we have a serious relationship. Amanda- It's okay AJ I've done this before ! She emails Vickie Guerrero the pictures* [ Monday Night at a WWE RAW show] Vickie Guerrero- Today I have witnesses and some pictures !WWE Superstar John Cena was spotted with former WWE Diva Nikki Bella last weekend, as they attended her high school reunion with twin sister Brie Bella, celebrity website TMZ reports.Website notes that Cena was “getting up close and personal” with Nikki on the dance floor.This was really a shocking moment when Cena announced of divorce in May claiming "irretrievably broken" then she was allegedly blindsided and she started challenging their prenuptial agreement so Cena would have to pay for how incompetently he treated her during for the separation.John Cena, currently an active wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), announced that he was getting a divorce from his wife Elizabeth Huberdeau.

Are john cena and aj dating