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Feminist/ Wiccan cant is ultimately "soul candy," like the term that's evolved for pop-science and psychology - this is the equivalent.

You may seek it out when you need bolstering up, thinking that you'll be inspired and spurred to greater achievements, lured by promises of unique feminine perspective and strengthening. The illusion of strength is superficial; the nagging victimization becomes insulting.

Fresh and citrusy at the beginning, it opens in lavishing floral heart to wooden and vanilla nuances and leaves lingering and fickle scent.

It is best to describe it by the various accords it possesses: Fresh: lemon and bergamot Fruity: mandarin and peach Classical floral: the rose of May, jasmine, water lily, peony, magnolia, orange blossom Woody: sandalwood and vetiver Oriental: vanilla The perfume was created by Jacques Polge in 1996.

Many young bottom-of-the-clock women who are looking for gothic strength in a man, can't find it in the simpering she-males around them - so they manifest their Demonics themselves, dressing in black leather, black stockings and carrying a big black whip.

A compleat, Satanic witch can best spend her time in constant, intimate spiritual and sexual contact with her strongest Demonic archetype - Satan Himself. La Vey has pinpointed these two elements as primary commodities. I don't need to be pigeonholed as a "feminist," or any other convenient label.

She reserves her "nurturing" for those who deserve her help and encouragement - namely: herself, her mate, and those few she chooses to call friends.

When a Satanic woman and her mate decide if they'll have children, or who will work in the outside world and who will stay home with the kids, it's a pragmatic question - who has more earning power?Most non-Satanic men find Satanic women intimidating - too intelligent or too pretty, or worse yet, both at the same time. Only the most truly liberated are summoned to Satan's legions.Up until quite recently, the ratio of Satanic men to women had been about 10 to 1, but that seems to be shifting.Camille Paglia and others now get honorifics for challenging traditional feminism, defending women's rights to wear heels and makeup. To me, it's still the same old game of cribbing from Anton La Vey's books, catering to the new Satanic generation, but not wanting to acknowledge those blasphemous philosophical roots.Those who study such trends are calling this "lipstick feminism" (from the more honest "lipstick lesbians"), "nontraditional feminism" or "antifeminist feminism." Big news. Jayne Mansfield recognized that, for the first time in her life, she had found a philosophy through which she could be a businesswoman, an intellectual, a mother and a sexpot all at once.

Beautiful intelligent women intimidating