Being sexually harassed online

I look at the girls and shake my head like, , and the girl says, 'She doesn’t think it’s a good idea.' And he looks at me, and I say, 'I didn’t say anything.' Then the girls leave, so the guy asks me, 'Did you just cock-block me?' And I said, 'I didn’t say anything.' Then he said that because I cock-blocked him, I should come upstairs to his hotel.

These findings aren’t exclusive to office jobs, but permeate into all industries from food service to the military to the gig economy.He was lingering in my car, which made me super uncomfortable.He kept saying that no one had to know but us – that probably angered me the most.When I asked why that mattered, he said something along the lines of, 'Maybe I’m going that direction too.' I didn’t want to push the issue with him, just because of his level of intoxication, but one of his friends woke up and said something to him in Spanish and then he stopped badgering me about it.After the ride ended, I gave him a one-star and I believe I directly messaged Uber that I had an unruly passenger and I felt uncomfortable.