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Cancer is immediately drawn to brooding passionate Scorpio, and Scorpio loves that Cancer wants to see them at their most powerful and protective.

They have the same interests, the same taste, and they care a lot about that taste in the people they call friends.

In love, you’re the nurturer whose intense emotions might come across as moody, but whose feelings are worth the effort.

You’re sensitive and soulful, and the sign most likely to settle down first – you’re the queer that isn’t always joking when you bring up a U-Haul.

Happiest when they are together in the comforts of their very well-stocked love shack, these two enjoy nothing more than staying in bed and cuddling all day.

Since their emotions are easily hurt, fights between them are often pretty devastating, but they’re also fastest to heal because a pair of Cancers innately understand the unique ways a crab heart can break and mend. Leo likes to live large, which doesn’t always mean the safe and secure nest that Cancer prefers.