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A spokesperson for the institution said: “The welfare and mental health of its students is a priority for the University.

Our archives support learners by providing a rich resource of information about the development of school exams and educational assessment.

"I look forward both to building on this success and to an exciting future in which the University Library will play a leading role in providing innovative services in a rapidly changing information landscape." A graduate in history of Trinity College Dublin, her career in academic libraries began at Dublin City University.It also houses the archives from the Royal Greenwich Observatory.One of its most treasured books is a copy of the Gutenberg Bible from 1455, the earliest European example of a book produced using movable type.I must say, I am a bit spoiled by the string of years that came before you – which almost without exception are excellent, exciting (and excited) people with a lot of promise.With you, this remains to be seen.” Queens’ College referred all enquiries to the University of Cambridge.