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Sex tourism is encouraged by the tourist sector of destination countries, because it draws individuals from wealthier nations with greater amounts of disposable income into poorer nations.This stimulates the economy of these poorer nations.

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If profit was not the motive of the main character (Semyon), then what was his purpose in starting up a company to sell his strategies? Some more discussion of the intelligence involved in catching people. I won't bother guessing how much of this book is fact versus fiction -- even as pure fiction, it's enjoyable to read, similar in style to Mezrich's earlier 21: Bringing Down the House - Movie Tie-In: The Inside Story of Six M. If you're not an experienced blackjack player, you probably won't notice or care, but over and over I was brought out of the story with a "WTF? One such example comes in the epilogue: "The dealer flipped over her down card, a ten, for a fourteen.Conversely, in receiving countries such as Cambodia, commercial sex work is generally accepted as a common behavior for men, and sex with minors is often accepted as well.Lawmakers as well as law enforcement often do not place priority on policing prostitution and sex trafficking.The people in these communities are generally aware of what they are committing their children to, but consider the rewards of increased financial return to be greater than the consequence for their children.Men who travel seeking to pay for sex may do so because it is much harder to engage in sex work in their home countries.