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Flowchart: Create charts to organize your thoughts or notes with this neat tool.10.

Connotea: Designed for researchers, clinicians and scientists, this reference management tool is great for organizing and sharing references.11.

Notecentric: Using Notecentric, you can not only organize your notes online, but also share them with your classmates.

Bookmarks & Citation Stay on top of references and generate bibliographies using these neat tools.15. Bookmarks: Yahoo’s bookmark tool makes it easy to organize with folders, utilize the drag and drop functionality, and more.16.

You can find experts in specific industries and even ask questions for the community to answer.27.

Speak Like: Forget about language barriers, and use this chat application that will translate between two languages simultaneously.28.

They’ll even let you choose between different formats.20.

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Backpack: Backpack does what it sounds like it does-it keeps all of your stuff like notes, lists, ideas, calendar, and more all in one handy place.3.

Google Calendar: Stay on top of assignment deadlines and more with this calendar.

You can even add publicly-available calendars, like school schedules and more.12.

Google Notebook: Add clips, organize your notes, and even access your notes from your mobile phone with Google Notebook.6.

openonmy: Store files up to 1GB so that you can research and save information from anywhere with an Internet connection.7.