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Why put only a few Porn Hub videos on your site when there are no restrictions to the number of videos you can place on your site?Make the size of your site grow right away by embedding all of our videos at once to your site!Cloud wears brown boots, gauntlets with a pauldron over his left shoulder and a SOLDIER band in his left wrist.This is the uniform he wears for most of his other appearances, with slight variations. In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Cloud wears the blue uniform of a Shinra Electric Power Company infantryman with several belts and straps and a green-gray piece of cloth around the collar.Our video sections: Nude Beach, Beach Cabin, Locker Room, Upskirt, Spy Camera, WC, Shower Room.

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The costume features many crossing belts and gloves, the left of which has golden trimmings, almost like a claw.

His most distinctive trait is a demonic black wing protruding from his left shoulder, symbolizing both his connection to Sephiroth, and the dark powers he is using.

He wears his helmet to conceal his identity at times.

After he gains the SOLDIER 1st class uniform his appearance is the same as in Final Fantasy VII, albeit with both shoulder pauldrons in-tact and the SOLDIER logo as it is in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.