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Even so, I think, at least on one point, he has something we should hear.In the January 2013 issue of , Rock is interviewed by fellow comedian (and the magazine’s guest editor of the issue) Judd Apatow about how his comedy has changed over the years.You’re married for life, and so you can live happily or unhappily, but you’ll do it together.That doesn’t lead to misery but to contentment and the cultivation of love.There is video evidence that Tom Brady is a sexual harasser.

Sexual harassment is purely a function of how good-looking the guy is.

Wives are like Supreme Court justices; they do whatever…they want.” On the one hand, this is a standard comedic trope, reaching back to Henny Youngman’s “Take my wife, please” or Rodney Dangerfield’s “Don’t get no respect” or “The Honeymooners” episodes.

But, behind that, there’s something true, and even beautiful.

And if you're not careful/ play your cards right, Tom Brady will touch your boob.

This is the best office dating advice we've ever seen.