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Now no school's gonna give a scholarship to a discipline case. SHERMER PARKING LOT - DAY We see JOHN BENDER walking towards us. A car is coming towards him but he doesn't stop walking. She steps forward to look in the car's front window and the car drives away.

Spence has a girlfriend from hell and Hogan just wants to start his life already.

LIBRARY - DAY There are six tables in two rows of three. He walks over to where Brian is sitting and points to the table on the opposite side of the Library. Bender sits at the table where Brian was and puts his feet up. She walks all the way around the library and sits in the back corner table, just behind Brian. Brian looks at her in confusion and then turns away.

Andrew comes in and points at the chair next to Claire at the front table. In walks Bender, he touches everything on the checkout desk and takes a few things in the process. He addresses the group with such disrespect it makes you wonder how he ever got the job.

BRIAN Mom, we're not supposed to study; we just have to sit there and do nothing. Brian gets out of the car and walks towards the school.

BRIAN'S MOTHER Is this the first time or the last time we do this? BRIAN'S MOTHER Well get in there and use the time to your advantage... ANDREW'S FATHER Hey, I screwed around..screw around, there's nothing wrong with that.