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With the families powerless to intervene, the girls are prepared for auction.

Some are offered up for the orgies thrown by the drug lords and mafia kingpins that control the Colombian underworld, continuing a tradition begun by Pablo Escobar, whose demand for teenage virgins was notorious.

Within the last 10 years however Colombian drug production has decreased by 60% and Peru now produces more drugs than Colombia.“When it is decided that a girl is to be auctioned off, no man in the neighbourhood can touch her, no one can hassle her and, most of all, no one can take her virginity,” says Pardo.The girls’ families are caught in the classic bind of organised crime.Reporting the advances is rarely an option as it is the gangs and not the state that are the true authorities in the comunas.The gangs not only control criminal activities, they also regulate day-to-day life, even resolving disputes between neighbours and charging their own taxes in the form of the daily or weekly “vaccination” – local slang for extortion fees.