Conversation history folder in outlook not updating

I don't know if this folder's format is somehow different from the other Outlook folders, but it would be helpful to know whether X1 at least is aware of it and if they know why it isn't being included in the indexing results.

Are there plans to support its inclusion in the near future?

So first question - is someone at X1 aware of this folder's existence in Outlook?

If so, is there some non-default setting that needs to be changed to enable its indexing (I do have it selected)?

How the actual records get in the folder "should" be irrelevant; the point is that the folder exists and has data (selecting it shows similar columns to other mail folders: From, To, Subject, Received, Size,...).

As a workaround, until X1 can index Office Communicator "Conversation History" folders, I setup the following to automatically copy any new items in "Conversation History" to "Sent Items".

Once in "Sent Items", X1 seems to be able to index the items.

These days, I reject many tools on the grounds that they cannot work with X1.

The last thing I need is yet another bit of software that demands that I use its own search feature to find things.