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By zooming-out you can see other cruise ship ports located near Copenhagen, Denmark.If you lose the Copenhagen location on the map, simply reload the page (also with F5 button).They are lucky to get time off in port to call home to their loved ones, as satellite calling cards on the ship can be quite expensive ( for 17 minutes of talk time back in 2006). This means that even the highest ranked officers can party with the lowest men and women on the totem pole.There is also an Officer’s Bar which is designated to only the officers on the ship.Thanks Danielle for another great blog: Many cruise ship passengers wonder where the crew lives and what it's like “down below.” Beneath the beautifully decorated lounges, restaurants, art galleries and shops is another city with its own rules and hierarchical structure.

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Oceankaj terminals also have dedicated waste-water handling facilities (capacity up to 300 m3 per hour per ship).

It is located north of the Copenhagen center, in an industrial harbour. It offers cafes, food kiosks, restrooms, Internet access and a waiting lounge.

In 2015 was opened the new pier at Nordhavn - named Oceankaj (Ocean Quay).

The new pier has connection points at every 60 m / 200 ft.

The Copenhagen port's Oceankaj cruise terminals project cost around USD 100 million.