Cuckoo clock dating marks

When he returned in 2004 to York Rd on the South Bank in London to record it for the BSS Register, it was missing! Was it stolen or was it lost in the then recent Jubilee Line Tube works? The telegraph pole in the middle right of the larger image is said to mark the place where the Festival of Britain Skylon stood in 1951.

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has really started something by finding a whole load more dials that are apparently currently unknown to BSS!His article makes wonderful reading and gives the background to (and the use of) the Cross Staff, a Horizontal Sundial and even a quadrant.Click Way back in September 1992 super-sleuth John Ingram spotted this unusual and it is believed, unique, dial where steps on a triangular block were used to tell the time.Andrew was of course the first Chairman of the Society and this correspondence was dated 1986 only a few years after the Society's delighted to be able to present a collection of just some of the photographs of dials that former BSS Trustee John Churchill and his wife took during his lifetime.