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While more research is needed to identify groups more accurately, there are some specific types of cybersex user we know about.

While you might think of certain stereotypes associated with cybersex addiction, the reality is that cybersex addiction spans many demographic groups, including men and women, young and old.

This could include sexting or showing sexual images to other people for amusement or shock value, causing unintentional embarrassment.

Such users do not keep their activities secret, and may otherwise have a healthy attitude towards sexuality and relationships.

I’ve written about this — the feminization of the Internet.

The old guard is Web 1.0, it’s anonymous, 4Chan, there’s privacy.

People in this group are at the extreme end of the continuum of sexual problems.

This group of cybersex users can also access internet sex without compulsive use but may use this material inappropriately.One difficulty with the online world of sex is that while users are detached from their surroundings, sexually aroused, and surfing the net, they may be exposed to images they would never seek out normally.This can lead to exploring illicit sexual material in a way that was never intended, sometimes with dire legal and relationship consequences.This group of cybersex users are able to occasionally explore sex on the internet without problems.They might use cybersex to enhance their sexual experiences.