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Different laws of the low energy physics operate inside each of these universes.

In some of these universes, quantum fluctuations are so large that any computations are impossible.

So wrote Arthur Schopenhauer, comparing life to finance in a universe that must keep its books balanced.

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We can enjoy life in a flat or nearly flat universe, but this requires fine-tuning of initial conditions at the moment of the Big Bang with an incredible accuracy of about 10.Here is the first one: Suppose the universe is in a state with the Planck density r ~ 10.Quantum fluctuations of space-time in this regime are so large that all rulers are rapidly bending and shrinking in an unpredictable way.Mathematics there is inefficient because predictions cannot be memorized and used. Some other universes are long living but laws of physics there do not allow existence of anybody who could live sufficiently long to learn physics and mathematics.Fortunately, among all possible parts of the multiverse there should be some exponentially large parts where we may live.