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" The man should ask, "Am I ready to be the head of the home? Am I ready to be the kind of leader in the home that God would want me to be?

" If a person is not ready for marriage, then this person is not ready for dating.

__________________________________________________________________________________ Do your closest friends fear God and obey His Word? They need to concentrate on getting through high school, preparing for what they should do after high school, building strong friendships with other young men and women, and developing and deepening their relationship with the Lord.

Some people get married in their late teens, but studies have shown that marriages which start later in life (especially in the mid-twenties or later) have a better chance of lasting.

It is possible for a young person to become interested in a member of the opposite sex to the exclusion of everyone else.

It's important to reach out to everyone in your group, and not to focus on just one person with the result that other people are ignored or snubbed. Avoid sinful cliques where only a few are included in your little group and others are excluded.

Marriage is not something that should be entered into prematurely or hastily.

Better to go slowly and do it right, in God's time and in God's way. " "Do I have the maturity that is needed to be the right kind of wife or husband?

God is never late, but what must we learn to do (Psalm )?

If you really love God and are His child, then He has a wonderful plan for your life (see Romans ).

[How did the life of Joseph in the Old Testament illustrate the truth of Romans ?

Offers view for every believer who wants a fulfilling marriage relationship.

This work offers advice on the subject of finding the one with whom you will spend the rest of your life.