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and her 21-year-old daughter Nadia, both Germans with Moroccan roots.They attended a radical Salafist mosque in the city before leaving their homeland for the ISIS caliphate.If put on trial in Iraq, Wenzel might face the death penalty depending on the charges, while in Germany she might only be convicted of up to 10 years in prison for membership of a terrorist group.Wenzel reportedly converted to Islam in 2016 after being groomed online by a jihadist.He was killed in the savage fighting for Mosul while she was employed by the terror group enforcing the strict Islamic dress code on women in the city.She burst into tears after her capture and said she just wanted to come home -something not likely to happen for some time.She flew to Istanbul, was smuggled into Iraq, marred a Chechen fighter who was killed and ended up in Mosul where an estimated 25,000 Isis volunteers died in the battle to retake the city.In the video two men can be seen escorting Wenzel, who seems to wince in pain from a wound.

He also advised on how to rig travel documents to get to Turkey.

Whether Linda Wenzel was involved in brutalising anyone is also unclear.

Two of her compatriots come from the western city of Mannheim, identified as 50-year-old Lamia K.

Wenzel said she lived only as a 'housemaid' and did not take part in combat as Iraqi intelligence sources have claimed.

The girl, who left her home in Pulsnitz, eastern Germany last year to join the terror group, is desperate to return to Europe amid fears she could spend years in jail.