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Don't be distraught if you're detoured, just do your best to spy a posted sign advertising a restaurant in the harbor area.

Cruise ships enter the port daily, with several ships scheduled every Thursday and Friday when the town simply overflows. You can't avoid the bazaar of friendly low-key merchants who are (for the most part) non-aggressive. And, as far as capital cities go, you can walk the entire town, from the waterfront south to the National Cricket Stadium just outside the city, in about ten minutes. Yet, the island possesses an intangible magic, forever luring visitors back for more. John's, a different tropical world reveals itself on this 108 square mile sparkle in the Caribbean's eye—namely, the areas of Falmouth Harbour and English Harbour. John's southeast toward the coast for about forty minutes.Past Falmouth the road ends abruptly at historic Nelson's Dockyard, which fringes English Harbour.This piece of living history is the world's only fully preserved Georgian Naval dockyard, dating back to the 18th century.Discover the luxury of this eastern Caribbean island as it offers up world-renowned sailing, snorkeling and a history rife with exploration and adventure.The expansive, winding coastline that once made Antigua difficult for sailors to navigate is where today's travellers encounter a tremendous abundance of secluded, powdery soft beaches.