Dating other people during break

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Breaks usually don’t happen when everything’s nice and calm between the two of you. Let go of your anger and think about things more clearly. Crystal Crowder Crystal Crowder is a freelance writer and blogger.

He’s not sure whether there’s someone else out there he has yet to meet.

Although you might want to fight going on a break, that will only make him want the break even more.

Much as a break hit Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger's relationship like a wrecking ball this week, couples often opt to take a break rather than fully break up if they feel their relationship can be repaired or benefit from time spent apart.

If you're toying with the idea yourself, here are five rules you should follow to make sure you clock back in a happier and healthier couple—or stay single for the right reasons.1. Before you take a break, talk together about boundaries.

I know you want to bitch about what an ass he is right now. If you want to talk to someone, only talk to someone you truly trust that isn’t a mutual friend. Just remember to do what feels right to you in the end. Breaks aren’t always about the relationship itself.

If you find yourself feeling miserable without them, then there’s still something worth fighting for. The two of you might not be talking, but anything you tell your friends and family could still reach their ears.

This should be obvious, but saying you want to take a break and expecting the other person to be okay with it isn’t right. If you can’t, you either need to sit down and talk things out now or end it.

While you’re taking a break in a relationship, you can start thinking about ways in which you can avoid arguments. Watch that you don’t raise your voice when you communicate, which could trigger an argument.

You should be able to talk about your feelings, and your partner in life should be able to listen to you and help you deal with the situation without it escalating into a fight. And remember that any sort of physical violence is not okay, and emotional abuse can be just as trying.

If things were so great and the two of you were on the same wavelength, you wouldn’t need a break. Sit down and seriously think about what you want from this relationship, what you can change to get it and if the relationship is even worth saving. I’ve seen breaks that drag on for months because no one wants to be the first to say “are we good yet?

Do you realize how many breaks turn into breakups because of this?