Dating someone who has bipolar disorder

As their partner gets more emotionally invested and the relationship continues, that mask starts coming off more and more.I should also note that this isn’t always a willful act of manipulation either.I’ve talked to several people who fall into the trap of thinking that they can get the person they originally met back if they just tough their way through whatever the Bipolar person is putting them through.The truth is that the vibrant, passionate experience was likely an unhealthy anomaly. I do, however, know how an unwell cycle of Bipolar Disorder can cause delusional thoughts and feelings.“But how can anything that felt so pure and right be bad? ” Anytime I hear the words “intense and vibrant” in conjunction with Bipolar Disorder, my first question is, “Was the person manic? And if you are Bipolar and thinking that, I would challenge you to look back at your previous manic cycles and compare feelings you had during those cycles to feelings you had before they started, after they ended, and see how consistent they are. Putting up with abusive behavior to get that “intense and vibrant” person back is not a solution.” When a Bipolar person is manic, their mental illness is creating a lot of false emotions and impressions. No one can simply trust a Bipolar person’s feelings that are founded in mania because they likely do not represent that person’s actual feelings. I would conclude that the “intense and vibrant” Bipolar person was manic until proven otherwise; because people aren’t usually intense and vibrant without some reason. It’s easy for a manipulator to lie and say, “Oh, I’ll go to the doctor and do what needs to be done.” Managing mental illness is hard, tedious, frustrating, and fucking annoying at times.In answering these messages, I will typically point out the red flags and then provide links to good resources that point these same things out.

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There is a camp of people where those terrible things are a general part of their personality and character.Yes, there are people who are master manipulators, will get in your head, and use whatever your weakness is as leverage to tear you apart.Other people grow up in terrible situations where abuse and shittiness is the normal that they know.The most frequent inquiry I get goes something like this.“I met this wonderful person about six months to a year ago.