Dating someone who just came out of the closet

While it's slightly comforting to know that you aren't fazed by who we like to bang/hold hands with/make googly eyes at, it still probably took us a lot of time and courage to find the words and say them. HOW TO FIX IT: "OMG, by the way, I didn't mean 'Who cares' like, "This doesn't matter.' At all. Were you just dating him to cover up the fact that you wanted to date a different guy? All relationships prior to gay ones do not become invalid, nor were we incapable of feeling something for the people we dated before we came out. HOW TO FIX IT: "Circling back to what I said before, I don't think your relationship with INSERT_NAME was fake, or whatever. Can we spend some time in this moment and maybe you can hold me or something?

Most of the humans who decide to tell you about a part of themselves care, and some of us care a lot. I know that it must have been a really complex process for you to get to this place, and I'm sorry I made it about me for a second. " If you dated one guy for a year and then dated a different guy for another year, would the second guy cancel out the first guy?

It all depends on how you choose to go about this, but by no means should you feel forced to come out by anyone. Just speak to your partner about the issue (what both of you want, problems that may occur, etc) and decide how both of you are going to move forward in this.

but if the relationship is worthwhile, you should be able to make it work. But I would say that as long as you are open with your partner about being closeted and they understand and respect that beforehand, it should be okay. Also remember though that just because you are in a relationship doesn't mean that you have to come out.

Basically if you want to stay closeted in this case you'll need to keep your partner and your family completely separate--preferably don't even mention their existence to your family.

There will only be an issue if someone causes it to be.

Make sure your partner knows it is not because of embarrassment. I was a lesbian for 6 years, My partner was more comfortable with her sexuality then I was and I was afraid of what my family and friends thought of me, over time I would distance myself from her unless we were alone or at home, and it began to make her feel as I was ashamed of her, and I was not ashamed I loved her more then anything, but I could feel her love slipping over time, and eventually I decided to come out and everyone was supported though there were a few that were not! If your partner is out of the closet and you're not out yet, it will only cause a lot of issues in your relationship only if you choose to let it.

I could finally hug her and be with her anywhere i wanted because we wanted! It takes more time for some people to come out and you can't force someone to come out in any way, shape form or fashion. Surely your partner understands how this feels so they shouldn't rush you.