Dating website guys with beards are gross

That puts attractivity well behind personal style in the 'why have a beard' stakes.

The third most popular reason to grow a beard is to feel more masculine, which gained 12% of the vote – meaning that attractivity beat masculinity, but only by a whisker.

Interestingly, men themselves are the group most in favor of a beard: 37% think that beards make men more attractive. This beard-loving brigade agrees that facial hair, in general, is a great idea – but which beard is the most attractive?

According to these self-confessed beard lovers, the best in show is the classic beard: short and neat but still full and mustachioed.

You may attract one person – but you may also put off someone else.

Just 40% of singles would actually ask their partner to shave off their beard, with 15% ready to ask right away and 25% preferring to wait until the relationship was in serious place.

Meanwhile, 53% would refuse to grow a beard for anyone but themselves.

However, much like their bearded counterparts, clean-shaven men don’t have to worry about a partner’s facial hair demands.

Meanwhile, 37% of singles think that it’s not their place to ask someone to grow a beard and 45% are happy to stick with the clean-shaven status quo.

Those who like their faces and/or their dates clean-shaven might outnumber those who prefer a great big bushy beard, but even so, a third of singles (30%) think that men are more attractive with at least a bit of facial hair.

Dating website guys with beards are gross