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I've moved on."Denise said Charlie seemed like a new man at first: "When I met him, he was different.His past, to me, was his past..was great in the beginning.

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Unfortunately, when you're Charlie Sheen and you have 11 million Twitter followers, it's not just your confused Aunt Edna who wishes she could click the "dislike" button on your late night ramblings. On this holiest of holidays, we know many readers are spending time at church and with their families, honoring the miracle of Jesus Christ's resurrection and reflecting on life.

Nikki was spending New Year with his daughters in Mexico - and seemed to be missing his new girlfriend.

'Tell @DENISE_RICHARDS to get her butt to mexico, it soooo damn beautiful here....i am here too..:).' he tweeted. Were all beach bound :) Hope your bikini's not as loud as my swim trunks.'But it appears that the pair were not a solid couple, with a source close to Denise claiming they were never really that serious.

I don't care."Denise said she loves when he sends her pictures of his penis: "I do...why? "She'll often meet him for hardcore hotel room trysts: "I do like anal.

With her past relationships including Charlie Sheen and Richie Sambora, Denise Richards certainly hasn't had much luck with bad boys.