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The progressive priests feared that his conservative reputation would negatively affect liberation theology's commitment to the poor.On 12 March 1977, Rutilio Grande, a Jesuit priest and personal friend of Romero who had been creating self-reliance groups among the poor, was assassinated.Emotionally and physically exhausted by his work in San Miguel, Romero took a retreat in January 1966 where he visited a priest for confession and a psychiatrist.He was diagnosed by the psychiatrist as having obsessive-compulsive personality disorder and by priests with scrupulosity.He was declared a martyr by Pope Francis on 3 February 2015, paving the way for his beatification which took place on .

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On the route home, they made stops in Spain and Cuba, where they were detained by the Cuban police, perhaps for having come from Fascist Italy, and were placed in a series of internment camps.As a result of his humanitarian efforts, Romero began to be noticed internationally.In February 1980, he was given an honorary doctorate by the University of Louvain.In 1980, Romero was assassinated while offering Mass in the chapel of the Hospital of Divine Providence.Pope Francis stated during Romero's beatification that "His ministry was distinguished by his particular attention to the most poor and marginalized." Hailed as a hero by supporters of liberation theology inspired by his work, Romero, according to his biographer, "was not interested in liberation theology" but faithfully adhered to Catholic teachings on liberation and a preferential option for the poor, While seen as a social conservative at his appointment as archbishop in 1977, he was deeply affected by the murder of his friend and fellow priest Rutilio Grande a few weeks after his own appointment and subsequently developed into an outspoken social activist.