Dog lovers dating site reviews

We set out to uncover the best and tested them on value, variety of products and the ability to tailor the items to your pet.

We found that the majority on the market are aimed at dogs (there’s a reason they’re called man’s best friend, after all) but we managed to track down boxes that promise to pamper your cat, rabbit, guinea pig and even your horse.

Many of the boxes featured in our round-up include healthy and natural products, but this is the only one specifically aimed at health-conscious, eco-friendly pet parents.

In our box, we received completely grain-free natural treats, which might help if your pet suffers with upset stomachs or problematic skin, and eco-friendly and sustainably produced dog toys.

Buy now Purple Bone (an online dog store) offers a monthly subscription box that is the most practical of the bunch, making it perfect for new dog owners.

There’s the option to customise your box depending on the size of your dog and inside our sample was a huge range of practical items mostly from the Purplebone brand including squeaky toys, homemade chews, biodegradable poo bags and hygiene products.

All these items can also be purchased separately from the store too.

You can sign up for a regular subscription or gift a grateful dog owner with a one-off box.

The boxes are often themed (we can’t wait to see the promised Halloween box) and what’s more, £1 from each one goes to an animal charity.

The Barky Box bills itself as a monthly “box of happiness” for cats and dogs.

Crammed with eight unusual products (pet-friendly popcorn was a first for us), this is great value for money.

Our giant box came packed with chicken, beef and lamb dishes.

You’ll need freezer space to store some of the pouches, but the produce was completely natural (it smelt just like a Sunday roast at times.).