Double your dating cocky and funny

You're in charge, so it's your fault.' It may sound an obvious bit of advice, but it switches on a big lightbulb in your head. Never again will you let yourself feel intimidated by others; indulging yourself by thinking that it's poor little you against the world.

From now on, you lead from the front and build relationships with people who can help you.

However, Simon, I will say one thing and one thing only in your favour about this period of your life: at least you learned your lesson.

Never again will you be so stupid, naive or so reckless with money.

You negotiate a settlement with the bank and you pay it off, week by week.Back then, banks were prepared to give their more gullible customers anything. Funnily enough, many years later, you go to a hedgefund charity ball and it almost makes you feel ill. By the end of every evening, you cannot see the table for bottles of champagne purchased by you.They would phone up to encourage you to borrow more. You think: 'My God, this reminds me of what it used to feel like in the Eighties. You and your friends get absolutely hammered and who always picks up the bill? Every night you say: 'This is on me.' Why do you do that?You feel that everyone is laughing at you behind your back. ' The boss answers: 'Whatever is s*** in this company, that is what Simon Cowell does.' And just as he says it, you walk into his room. And you have also made the classic mistake of surrounding yourself with yes men to shore up your crumbling ego.I don't mean to be rude, but could you make an even bigger balls-up of things if you tried?