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For a number of years, the Unity congregation has been attempting to solve the dilemma of how to serve those who have challenges using stairs – whether they are using a wheel chair, a walker or simply are having problems with their knees, hips, broken leg etc.

The focus group included Lora Bruder, John Kusak, Stacey Ames, Phyllis Jolly, Rick Jolly, Ireaby Jolly, Sue Winklestern, Jeff English, Nancy Jaehn, Deborah Pennington, as well as the facilities team of Nan Podany, Lucille Olson, Kay Batterson, Dan Maynard, Nancy Cody, Deborah Otis, Val Jedrzejaski (absent: Dave Otis) Contents. Freedom: a building that supports the ministry in serving our congregation and our larger community in doing those things we are inspired to do – e.g. A., scouts and other community groups, freedom to have more than one activity happening at the same time without interfering with other activities.

25 Last fall, I was conducting a Celebration of Life Service at USCL.

Integrity: a building that allows us to be a powerful force for good in our neighborhood with well-maintained, clean, neat appearance, fitting into the neighborhood, respectful of property around us.

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