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Maria Ibáñez BIRTHDAYS FOR THE WEEK Michael Ammar (25) Mago Belinko (23) Drew Vincent Breen (21) Julio Cesar (22) Cody Clark (22) Chubster Flores (23) Sandy Liebowitz (23) Douglas Lippert (25) Mago Monterrey (22) Hansel Perdomo (27) Terry Runyon (21) Montana Santa (John Degel) 27) Julie Sobanski (23) Thursday June 24, 2010 Miami welcomes Joshua Jay, in his only South Florida appearance, for a lecture. Adele has agreed to a once in a lifetime presentation for 2011 cruisers where she will share her own history and love of magic.

The lecture will be .00 at the door for paid members of either Magic City Conjurers or I. Terry Evanswood, one of the foremost collectors and lovers of magic’s history, will be our tour guide as we see into Adele’s joy as well as extremely rare footage of the Blackstone show you’ll ONLY be able to see at Creativity At 2011.

It is often said that “the show must go on”, and so too will the weekly email.

Greetings, hope everyone had a beautiful Father’s Day with the fathers in your lives.

We were home and spent the special day with my dad, uncle our youngest son and his family and some close family friends.

My email is [email protected] [email protected] has changed much over the past few decades. The sound you hear today…and the ways in which you can get that sound to your ear…are crazily amazing. He embraces new technologies to turn old illusions into new found toys…and create new illusions that were never possible before.

We’re not talking about styles…those always change. Compare the sound created by any of today’s digital systems to the scratchy vinyl of your old uncle Fred’s Iron Butterfly album and you realize there really is no comparison. In short, he’s created “Platinum Butterfly.” SOURCE wistful ode to a now long-dead era, Sylvain Chomet’s The Illusionist is an animated film sure to both delight and frustrate fans who have spent years awaiting the return of the madman responsible for Belleville Rendez-Vous (aka The Triplets Of Belleville) back in 2003.