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This will ultimately be achieved by a combination of physical skills and development and the psychological skills most influenced by confidence and motivation.While much shorter in duration than the comfort zone, the critical zone of an endurance race usually determines the outcome of that race.We thus can call the race strategy the action plan of the race.Like most concepts, racing tactics will have a basic structure determined by the race distance itself and an advanced method which will account for the strength of the competition, the weather, the importance of the race, and the strengths and weaknesses in the athlete’s current fitness.Running economy in distance running is unique to the events of track and field and it is what separates these events from all others.Sprinters use strength and power in an attempt to maintain a very high but deteriorating velocity as the sprint distances increase.Distance runners use running economy to maintain their velocity over increasing distances.Table 1 indicates the 100 meter pace splits for world records from 100 meters to 30,000 meters for men.

The answers to all of these questions can be addressed with the single question: what tactics of competition should be used today in this particular race to achieve the highest level of measurable success?These four terms interrelate with one another in the basic idea that the comfort zone will be most influenced by aerobic energy system development and the critical zone by the development of the anaerobic energy system of the body.For most coaches, the concept of the critical zone refers to the stage of the race where success or failure is most up for grabs. Since the critical zone is usually near the conclusion of most distance races of any length, success in this zone is highly influenced by how effectively the athlete handled the comfort zone stages earlier in the race.This positioning will not only be based on actual strategic body position in the race, but also on the desire and skill to have to run the fastest possible velocity of the race near the end of the competition.Remembering that the 800 meter race is significantly shorter than even the 1500 meters, a shorter comfort zone is going to mean a much more intense critical zone.