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As former President Bill Clinton travels to the island for commemorative services, public infrastructure remains shattered.

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This isn't an appropriate analogy, but you know when people have a near-death experience and they feel like they have a second shot. On a different level, that's how we feel about the show," Bell joked.

"However dysfunctional their relationship was [when they were married,] I think they kind of kept each other in check and from going completely buck wild," Bell said.

"This season we see when they are not together to keep each other in line, they go nuts.

She's on a reality show and he's being more of a butthead to everybody, including her and they are trying to figure out how to deal with their teenage/tween-age daughter." He's mum on sharing whether Kelly and Jason will get back together, but he made sure to add that BET is telling their story the right way.

"I don't think CW ever really understood the show or every really understood what they had," he confessed.