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Is everyone as glad as I am that we have filthy rich, actually privileged white women to tell us all the problems in our oh so unequal world.

Thank God for the heshe campaign, promoting heshe rights everywhere!

And yet, the women’s movement, led in this country by the leftists of the National Organization for Women, deals in the notion that females are, by definition, victims of the wicked patriarchy. We’ve been told for years that American women make less money — 77 cents for every dollar earned by men.

Still, his delusional gal pal attended a meeting with Mc Cray and high-ranking police officers this month on Comp Stat, which tracks New York City crime trends. Expressing his “full faith’’ in Noerdlinger, the mayor said she’s not leaving his wife’s employ. In fact, the median income of young, single, childless, urban women is higher — sometimes much higher — than that of men, according to a study by Reach Advisors, a Boston market-research firm.Yet I’ve heard of no initiatives to erase this anti-male injustice.The recent 4chan celebrity nude leaks in the past 2 months have been an invasion of privacy and is also clear indication that the internet NEEDS to be censored. Shut down websites to protect the gilded lives of celebrity hypocrites like Emma Watson What a load.Every Facebook like, share & Twitter mention will count as a social signature -- and will be one step closer to shutting down This disgusting wretch's speech which is profoundly anti-men, "if men didn't feel the need to control, women would not need to be controlled" AKA - lets brainwash boys into being limp-wristed wimps!