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With the police out to arrest him, perhaps his account back in the DF will be frozen and he knows he needs cash.But he may just have to turn the plane around and get the diamonds which will lead to his arrest or death by heart attack. As for the Nelson/Kendra/Salsero dance of death, well I think Nelson and Salsero will make it and Kendra will perish but who knows.More train that wrestled is cooking her video store Nov 4, 2014Sitio Oficial de la novela 'En Otra Piel' de Telemundo. Unsurprisingly, Balzac [heh heh] has the night off. Because at that very moment, José Ángel walks blindly into traffic and kneels in front of a minibus. She's not going to answer, it must be Nelson."You know, Kendra, you don't have to kill Nelson Brizz." They don't need Brizz's money, Salsero tells her. "We love to mock here, don't mistake it for real hate." -- Chris Ferro "Come, let us gather together and suffer, sisters and brothers." -- Alice "This has got to be the sappiest, most mindless piece of crap that Televisa ever came up with! " -- riberajoe We will, it seems, be lurching from crisis to crisis in these exciting final episodes.He will be hiding under Jean Marie's bed until further notice. He holds out his arms to stop it, as if he believes he really is Super Superman. "Kendra sits in a tony restaurant, stunning in a green minidress. He has prospects in Brazil, they can make big money, they can live there like kings.I never saw Td A, but I kept waiting for the plane to crash with Anyballs on it. She actually really loved him and he had not one iota of feeling for her at all. At least we now know what happened to Cris and Angel's baby. I just wish she had told the truth, once she found out who Lili really was.I too have a feeling those diamonds he left behind is so not going to be good for him! I know she wants to pay for her sins, but I got the impression that she also wants to atone for Anyballs' sins, and that ain't right. I don't want her to be the stool pigeon for Anyballs. I may be wrong but I think Anibal's trip to NYC was to fence the diamonds for cash.

He thanks Lili and stumbles off with the man in orange. Salsero sits opposite her in the restaurant and listens to her pitch. Vikki and Lili embrace him and Lili calls him papá. Kendra finally checks in with Espanto and is a tad cranky when she learns that the plan to snatch blind Arriaga has been foiled. Nikki's dress was as short as the make 'em. So much to love about this episode but even more to love about the recap.

Remember how they planned to collect a huge ransom for Victoria and run away together to a Polynesian island? She wonders if his little girlfriend knows his history. Besides, she has a fool-proof plan to get rid of that idiot Nelson Brizz -- a method of murder undetectable at autopsy. " Nikki and Francisco have spotted him and are on their way over. Captain Robles is amazed to hear about the dark side of his old friend, Aníbal Balvanera, a man he always considered above reproach. The Old Coot bamboozled them again and he is going to get away with it! Aníbal unbuckles his seatbelt and settles into the leather. Salsero tells his godmother, Imperia, that he has decided to confess, even if it means losing Betty. Thankfully, a somewhat less frenzied JA has emergerged, and tearful exchanges with Lili revealing he will always be her father. Go ahead, if that's the worse you can say (and of course Vicky looks great), have at it. As far as I'm concerned, they can lock her up and throw away the keys. Thank you for your wonderful recaps, they've always been a joy to read.

Kendra fingers his collar and tie and doesn't bother denying it. He assures her that she doesn't -- and when she finds out, she's going to kick him to the curb. Arriaga stumbles down some steps on the street, ineptly guided by Espanto who is in a hurry to get to his wreck of a car. Espanto scuttles away before Nikki can get close enough to see him. But Adriana, Vicente and Antonio convince him otherwise and are prepared to testify against him. He underestimated that lowlife Nelson Brizz and didn't think he'd have the nerve. But before he turns himself in to the authorities, he has to do something to combat Kendra Ferretti's evil. Novela Maven, I'm hoping you are right and that Anibal forgetting the diamonds is his undoing... I just hope that Salsero won't meet the same fate as he pretends to be on Kendra's side in order to bust her. Like you, I was nervous when Salsa-Dude started playing the Ho, but held out hope that he was just playing along so he could incriminate her.

I wanted her to get punished for the longest time, but after seeing the last two episodes I think her disillusionment with Anyballs is punishment enough. I'm also glad that Lili said she loved her last night. I know, he deserves to be all that and more, but this seems to have suddenly become the Vicente Celorio show."I would have been every bit as good a daddy as Arriaga! Dances really made the ultimate sacrifice with the fake passion with the ho.

He took a trip to Brazil and suggested to the ho that they escape there.