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Even though he was a partier like the rest of us, he loved his fiancée, was totally committed to her, and was very excited that he had finally convinced her to wear a French maid outfit to the Duke Law Halloween party. After a quick nap, we went to an early dinner at some Mexican place in Deep Ellum and then across the street to a roadhouse-type bar designed for yuppies. Metrosexuals dressed in brown Lycra as far as the eye could see. We get two pitchers and decide to play table shuffleboard.Barely into our first pitcher, I notice two girls checking us out. They are nearly flawless, and quite seductively exposed. Despite my nearly forensic examination (she doesn’t notice–I am a pro at this), I keep the conversation moving along nicely until dumbass El Bingeroso decides to fuck everything up: Blonde “So, what brings you guys to Dallas?The fact that he grew up smart but a social outsider, forced him to learn game the hard way and also planted a devious retributive mean streak.Even though he is more often than not the voice of reason to the group, he is also the one who will manipulate an 18 year old into sex with lies and deception.On a crisp Thursday night in early October, Sling Blade, PWJ, El Bingeroso and I began our journey to Dallas.We would soon become known to the State of Texas by our historical names: Pestilence, Plague, Hunger, and Death.Popular, he was not, but since none of us are his normal dim-witted naïve teenage girl prey, we didn’t care.While his age (3 years older than us) gave him a wisdom and maturity that none of us yet possessed, under this composed and compassionate exterior, PWJ could be the biggest snake of the group.

He also told us about the time he and his brother, then aged 9 and 11, watched from the locked car while their dad beat up a mugger, nearly killing him by repeatedly smashing his head into the hood and fender, spraying blood all over the car [I have subsequently met El Bingeroso’s father, and believe me–he is not a man to cross. But what really distinguished him from the rest of us was that he was truly in love and actually had a stable life.Our first stop was a Steak & Shake somewhere outside of Charlotte, where we bonded with each other by recounting tales of our fucked up youths.I recalled a childhood colored by parental instability, multiple divorces, re-marriages (seven between my two biological parents), step-parents, constant relocation and emotional pain.We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.We think you'll find our orgasm erotica rather special.