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The average points score last year for the International Baccalaureate Diploma was 36.75 out of 45, compared with the international average of 29.5 points.

Some eight UWCSEA students scored 45 points out of 45 last year, which the school says was six per cent of the entire worldwide total of top scores.

From year three (ages seven and eight), pupils have weekly French and Mandarin lessons, while from year seven (ages 11 and 12), there is a choice of five languages to study.

Admission: The school is selective, although it says that it does not just select academic high-flyers.

Pupils are asked for reports from their previous schools, and may be interviewed. Pupils must be able to speak English well enough to follow the curriculum.

Community service work is central to the ethos, and includes support for more than 40 organisations.

Results: These seem to be outstanding, at International Baccalaureate level in particular.