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The foldable phone era is about to begin, with Samsung rumored to be following the new trend in 2018 and even Apple patents hinting at a bendable i Phone in the distant future.Early adopters should get ready for more changes beyond an all-screen smartphone. How does it match up against the Google Pixel 2 and i Phone X? We've also brought the original i Phone 1 with us to show how far phones (and, specifically, the camera) has advanced in ten years. But that's only good news for you because we're now bringing CES 2018 news and announcements to you every day.What are the differences over the course of a decade? Have questions on what's hot on the CES show floor?Watch for yourself: With a six hour drive (seven-and-a-half with stops to eat and gas up), we're now in Las Vegas, collected our CES badges and completed our road trip. Follow and ask Matt Swider and Nick Pino on Twitter. Here's our video of the drone launch in Monument Valley, which we did just after sunrise – on the way to CES 2018. You expected a Loading and unloading the roomy Genesis G80 Sport is a Herculean task. We have started to refer to putting our suitcases in the car truck as "Tetrising." We even hum the Russian music.Which, naturally, was an invitation to stand on said ice.We were told that it's about 18 inches (46 cm) deep along the perimeter, so we felt We got to take photos – with various smartphones – of Mr. We didn't get the same opportunity to take pictures with President Trump. But we put all of our photos to good use, testing our four phones to see how far the smartphone camera has come, from the i Phone 1 to today's all-screen and dual-screen phones We still managed to make it out of a frigid Manhattan in one piece in a car that's not our own. Our first big hurdles of attending CES 2018 via a cross-country road trip were over and done with.At first Nick and I were worried because it's the first time either of us drove in Manhattan (I just moved here, after all), and we've be doing it in a bigger car than we're used to.

Future's brand new New York City office was the official starting line."I always meant to cancel it and switch to Spotify.But then You Tube Red (which rids You Tube of ads) convinced me to keep it."What does Knoxville have to do with CES?As a child, I have known families during the hot summer months living secretly in their own houses, to make people believe that they vacationed in a hypothetical summer village or in the city of Montevideo.One woman confided to me her intention to decorate the hall with a signed painting, certainly not by virtue of calligraphy."A Mock Millionaire is an ordinary person who is pretending to be someone who's rich, powerful, or otherwise highly influential.