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Many clients of mine who are looking for weight loss come from a wide range/background of issues.Some issues are health related, such as Celiac or a myriad of digestive issues, while others suffer from health issues that contributed to weight loss or have “always been thin” and are natural ectomorphs.

Smoothies are incredibly easy to sneak in heaps of good calories without making you feel incredibly full. If you’re engaging in a lot of cardio exercise (i.e.These are just some comments I hear my clients tell me about with their experiences that I find distasteful and disrespectful.Struggling to gain weight is the flip side of wanting to lose weight, so keep that in mind when engaging with our friends who may be struggling here.I also hear from athletes or recreational athletes looking to put on lean body mass, while some who inquire are recovering from disordered eating habits.No matter what the cause or reasoning behind wanting to gain weight, these tips can be applied universally.