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Go somewhere else if you want to discuss how to illegally download remeber where i found these but here is a look at her [Please Note: the attachment in this post has been deleted by moderator AFA (

see Erika's profile is still up on NNC but I haven't seen her online in a while. performer Id=4375 Her fan club on ICGirls hasn't been updated in over 6 months as is evident by one of the member comments.

It's a shame the way it cuts off half way through......:( Looking at it again, I'd say the viewer, for whatever reason, decided to stop the show at the 30-minute mark, despite the lack of a cumshot. Are there guys out there who actually get off on being made to feel like a sucker who's being taken advantage of financially by some nasty bitch?

It's obviously impossible to know why, but perhaps he ran out of money or reached a self-imposed time-limit or something like that. Even if I was the kind of guy who'd pay 0 to watch a girl on her webcam for 10 minutes, I still wouldn't want to support this!

If we find members doing this, we might skip a warning and start banning immediately. The only news I have is that she's 'adjusted' her NAC-rate to a whoppin' .99/min. As hot as you are, Erika, I think I'll stick to some other babes that are just as hot as you (and in some cases even hotter) but only charge .50/min for their shows.

Does anyone know if there is a second part to her HC vid?