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i don't get it.'Marnie appeared stunned as she lashed out, writing: 'Jealousy is a curse.

Meanwhile Pete dressed up for the occasion too in a smart black tux, and looked proud as punch as he kept close to his girlfriend’s side.Me having a column could be slightly dangerous I really don't think before I speak and I NEVER think I'm in the wrong.Bad combo.'Earlier this week, former CBB star Jasmine accused Marnie of flirting with her boyfriend, tweeting: 'When I notice s**gs follow and attempt to reach out to my boyfriend on his social networks, I literally have to take deep breaths and tell myself repeatedly...IGNORE and let them join the fan club.'I'm not even really sure why it bothers me because my boyfriend really IS the exception to the rule he'd never ever ever in a million years entertain another female. I trust him he's completely devoted to me and my son i just find it wild on the part of the females.'Sometimes I find it funny but mainly I find it provocative and disrespectful and really uncool.The guy's social networks are plastered in pics of my kid and myself and he captions my pictures the love of my life like Marnie Simpson what d'you want???