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How do you know if your partner is smarter than you? You have to go through rigorous standardized tests and get checked by credible psychologists in order to validate the level of your IQ.Knowing a person well enough helps in determining whether they are smart or not as well.There are a lot of good things to consider when you’re dating someone smarter than you. It’s not just their intelligence that gives them an edge when it comes to problem solving.By taking the higher position in terms of intellect, your partner will assume the role of problem-solver in the relationship.Is your medicine cabinet a source for a teen’s legal “high?” Because a doctor’s prescription is not needed, many mistakenly believe that over-the-counter (OTC) medicines are safer than prescription medicines and illegal street drugs.

#3 Having them around makes you want to be smarter.Although it won’t work 100% of the time, you can rest assured that they are tackling challenges with a vast arsenal of knowledge behind them.#2 You can ask them anything and they will almost always have an answer.Whether they got high grades in school or graduated Magna Cum Laude, a person is only as smart as you make them out to be.9 perks of dating a person smarter than you The advantages outweigh the disadvantages in a situation like this, primarily because smarter people can help you become a better person intellectually.