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Fraser: Richard, if I said to you what is the full title of The Origin Of Species, I’m sure you could tell me that. There is a sub-title with respect to the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life. But as well as being hilarious, it was hugely symbolic.

In The Daily Telegraph yesterday, Baroness Warsi highlighted the militant secularism on the march in Britain.

This directive was expected to be extended to kettles, toasters, hair-dryers and other domestic appliances but it was shelved earlier this year amid fears it would drive the British public towards the EU exit door.

(A typical Dawkins touch: not just any old Foundation for Reason and Science but the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science.) The statistics purport to show that most people who identify themselves as Christian turn out, when questioned on what they actually think, to be “overwhelmingly secular in their attitudes on issues ranging from gay rights to religion in public life”.

Dawkins’s conclusion is that these self-identified Christians are “not really Christian at all”.

We wait in vain for a high-profile atheist to acknowledge that we can all learn from some religious leaders, even if we do not share their faith.

The past two Chief Rabbis have shown the benefits of a more open approach, reaching beyond one’s own followers.